Tennis elbow therapy

Tennis elbow, also referred to as lateral epicondylitis, is a disorder that hurts and unsettles the elbow's exterior. It is frequently the result of repetitive activities like playing tennis, typing, or using a screwdriver, which overwork the forearm muscles and tendons.

Tennis elbow can be effectively treated withphysical therapy, which can also aid with arm function and pain management. The following are some typical physical therapy strategies for treating tennis elbow:

Stretching exercises to assist loosen up tight muscles and tendons in the forearm and elbow, physical therapists may suggest stretching exercises.

Exercises to increase forearm strength: Forearm strength exercises can assist support the elbow and lessen pain. Exercises that make use of weights, resistance bands, or other apparatus may be suggested by physical therapists.

Manual therapy: This uses hands-on methods to ease pain and increase mobility in the injured area. Examples include myofascial release, massage, and joint mobilization.

Ice or heat therapy might assist to lessen discomfort and inflammation in the affected area.

High-frequency sound waves are used in ultrasound therapy to assist lessen pain and speed up recovery.

Taping or bracing: To offer support and lessen strain on the injured muscles and tendons, physical therapists may advise taping or bracing the affected arm.

Physical therapists could also advise altering your activities to prevent more stress on the injured arm.

It's significant to remember that the efficacy of physical therapy for tennis elbow may differ based on the severity of the condition and individual characteristics. Develop a tailored treatment plan that takes into account your unique requirements and goals by working with a licensed physical therapist.