Shadow box for wedding memories

An excellent way to save and treasure memories from your wedding is with a memory box. What to include in your wedding memory box? Here are some ideas:

Keep a copy of your invitation and wedding program as a memento of the specifics of your special day.

Photographs: Gather a few of your preferred wedding pictures and place them in the box. You might also add a few unposed photos or polaroids that you took throughout the day.

Include your wedding guestbook and any comments or messages that visitors left for you in the memory box.

Keep a record of your wedding vows and any speeches delivered by the bride, the groom, or any members of your family or friends.

Items that were personalized: Take into account any any items that were personalized on your wedding day, such as place cards, napkins, or a handkerchief with a monogram.

Include any memorabilia you may have from your wedding, such as a bouquet charm, a priceless piece of jewelry, or a wedding present, in the memory box.

Consider including a playlist or a copy of the readings in the box if there was any particular music or readings that were performed during your ceremony or reception.

Champagne or wine: If you served a special bottle of champagne or wine during your wedding, retain the bottle and any unused liquid as a memento of your joyous occasion.

So that you can access and appreciate the memories in the years to come, label and arrange the items in the shadow box.