How to make violin wooden shadow box

Your violin will be well-protected and displayed on the wall using a shadow box. The steps for making a shadow box for your violin are as follows:


Shadow box frame
Mounting board
Double-sided tape

1) In order to calculate the size of the shadow box you'll need, start by measuring your violin. Choose a shadow box frame that will properly fit your violin from the range of sizes available.
2) To fit inside the shadow box frame, cut a piece of mounting board to size. The mounting board needs to match the frame's back in size.
3) Cut a fabric piece that is just a bit bigger than the mounting board. Any sort of cloth will do, but make sure it is thick enough to protect your violin.
4) Apply double-sided tape on the cloth and mounting board to secure it. To ensure that the fabric is smooth and free of wrinkles, make sure to pull it tightly.

5)Place the violin on the mounting board covered in cloth, and then use pins to hold it in place. To make sure the violin is centred, you might wish to use a ruler.
6)Put the shadow box frame into the mounting board that has the violin connected. Verify that the frame's back is firmly fastened.
7)Using a picture hook or other wall hanging hardware, hang the shadow box there.